Web3 Tourism Transformation

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Blockchain Training and Consultancy

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Creative Europe | Web3Tour

01 . The Challenge

Web3Tour: Empowering Cultural Tourism with Web3 Technologies

The cultural tourism sector, a vital part of the European economy, faces significant challenges in adapting to the advancements of Web 3.0 and the demands of green transitions. To remain competitive and sustainable, it is imperative for the sector to acquire new skills and knowledge. Web3Tour addresses these issues by creating a specialized accelerator program that provides targeted training and capacity-building activities in decentralization, entrepreneurship, professional development, digitalization, and sustainable business models. This initiative also fosters networking and collaboration among cultural tourism professionals, enabling them to adapt to these new technological and environmental paradigms.


02 . The Solution

02 . The Solution

We developed and delivered comprehensive training programs designed to empower cultural tourism professionals with the skills needed to thrive in emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI, and virtual/augmented reality.

The Digitalization Training Program focuses on Web 3.0 technologies and blockchain applications in cultural heritage, while the Metaverse Training Program provides in-depth knowledge on virtual worlds and avatars. Additionally, we lead the communication and dissemination efforts to ensure effective outreach, engagement, and reporting on the project’s success and impact.

Through webinars, workshops, and interactive sessions, these digital training programs ensure broad accessibility and foster a collaborative environment for innovation, ultimately promoting sustainable business models and cross-sector collaborations in the cultural tourism sector.

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