TikTok Trendsetters

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TikTok Strategy Development and Implementation

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One Salonica Outlet Mall

01 . The Challenge

One Salonica Outlet Mall successfully enhanced its brand awareness and established a strong TikTok presence.

One Salonica Outlet Mall, a member of the Fais Group, wanted to elevate its brand presence and create a strong digital presence on TikTok. The challenge was to create a TikTok strategy that would build brand awareness and position the mall as a premium fashion outlet mall that can also offer a complete entertainment and dining experience. Additionally, the implementation required creating fresh, trendy content that captures the diverse experiences the mall offers.


02 . The Solution

02 . The Solution

Understanding the need for engaging content, we developed a complete TikTok strategy for One Salonica Outlet Mall, focusing on creating engaging and trending content. The strategy combined two main pillars: fun and engaging content production and showcasing the mall’s diverse entertainment and shopping options.

The content we created is designed to be useful, practical, and entertaining to attract interest and encourage interaction and sharing on social media. It is divided into three categories (infotainment, current trends, influencer collaborations), and six main content pillars (fashion, food, entertainment, beauty, trends, and concept ideas).

Discover One Salonica Outlet Mall on TikTok to experience a blend of fashion, entertainment, and dining, and see how vibrant, engaging content can transform your shopping journey.