Gorenje’s 360° Euro 2024 Campaign: Challenges and Triumphs

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360° advertising marketing strategy

Client :

Pyramis Group

01 . The Challenge

The Gorenje 360° campaign for Euro 2024, managed by the Pyramis Group, the official representative of Gorenje in Greece, aimed to boost sales and traffic in stores around Greece. Participants had the chance to win tickets and accommodation for UEFA Euro 2024 matches and electrical appliances valued at €40,000.

The challenge was to create a unified and impactful campaign. The goal was to maximize reach and engagement across various demographics, all while maintaining a consistent brand message. Given the scale of the campaign, which included Google campaigns (Search, GDN, YouTube), social media ads (Meta, Instagram, TikTok), audio programmatic campaigns on e-radio and Spotify platforms, video programmatic campaigns, and a TV commercial on National TV. Coordinating these efforts required a robust strategy and flawless execution, achieving high engagement and conversion rates within the competitive and limited timeframe of May to July 2024, during the high-profile UEFA Euro 2024 event.


02 . The Solution

02 . The Solution

  1. Integrated Communication Strategy: We developed a 360° advertising strategy with cohesive messaging and visuals across all platforms, ensuring brand consistency.
  2. Targeted Digital Campaigns: Advanced targeting techniques helped us reach desired demographics effectively. Our Google Display Network (GDN) and YouTube campaigns were meticulously optimized to ensure high viewability and engagement.
  3. Dynamic and Adaptive Content: Dynamic ads on social media like Instagram and TikTok drove engagement. Our Meta campaigns effectively generated substantial link clicks and reach.
  4. Comprehensive TV Strategy: For the TV commercial, we selected prime slots on major national channels such as MEGA, ANT1, ERT1, ERT3, and NOVA. The 15-second spots were strategically placed to maximize visibility among our target audience of men and women aged 35-55 in Greece​​.
  5. Performance Monitoring and Optimization: Continuous monitoring and real-time optimization allowed us to make data-driven adjustments to improve ad performance.


The Gorenje 360 Campaign achieved outstanding results. Our integrated strategy led to significant engagement across all platforms, with a notable reach and high visibility. The campaign successfully drove traffic to Gorenje’s retail partners, with enthusiastic participation from consumers in the promotion. Our efforts across Google, social media, and TV channels created a cohesive and impactful presence, setting a new benchmark for future marketing endeavors. This campaign not only met but exceeded our expectations, solidifying our approach for future marketing initiatives.