Evangelos Nomikos Joins TheFutureCats Innovation Consultancy as Project Manager – Researcher

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Evangelos Nomikos in our team, who takes on the position of Project Manager – Researcher.

Mr. Nomikos brings with him valuable experience in the field of technology and innovation. His background includes extensive research and experience in project management, particularly in Web 3.0 technologies and sustainable development. At the same time, he has significant experience in structural programme project management and strategic management aligned with the latest developments in technology.

Evangelos Nomikos said: “Joining the team of TheFutureCats Innovation Consultancy as Project Manager – Researcher is a great honor and responsibility. We are in an era where technology, and in particular Web 3.0, is rapidly transforming the landscape of innovation and sustainable development. I am excited to leverage my experience to drive TheFutureCats Innovation Consultancy’s groundbreaking projects. Together, we aim to harness the potential of these technologies to deliver meaningful solutions and promote sustainable progress.”

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