Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy: Decide What Not to Do for Your Brand

We firmly believe in time-resistant ideas and original concepts -both essential tools for a brand. Its toolbox though must also contain key elements such as thorough research, detailed planning and a careful market auditing - meaning a digital strategy.

Creative and entrepreneurial spirits can coexist, but each with its own place and role within a brand’s DNA. We make this distinction possible, while we use their combined forces whenever and wherever it takes, for a prosperous, established and lucrative tomorrow.

What exactly does a strategy include?

It is not only about what steps to take, but also which ones not to take. A digital strategy is about defining and re-defining your brand’s identity. It is about implementing carefully every action according to your goals and placing you before your competition.

Before making any digital marketing action, the Futurecats design and implement the digital strategy. This is a digital manual for the digital presence of a brand or a business.

The first step is to make a website and social media audit, assessing the current situation and suggesting improvement steps. Afterwards, we analyze the brand personality, its goals and objectives (KPIs), as well as we identify the buyer personas.

A very important step is to carefully monitor and analyze the competition’s social media and choose the right social media mix, according to the audience and content we want to connect with.

Before proceeding to the production and publishing of our content, we define precisely the tone of voice to be followed by the brand. This happens in order to achieve the maximum engagement and organic reach, along with establishing the position and brand authority. The tone of voice is the most significant element to bond with your audience, which is why it must be chosen very carefully. After that, a hashtag strategy is also designed determining some relevant general hashtags, as well as some more unique ones.

Digital advertising

The final part of the digital strategy is the most important step: setting the strategy for digital advertising on specific social media platforms (Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, LinkedIn ads) or Google platform (Google display ads, Google search ads, Youtube ads, Gmail ads) according to the goals that were originally set. After carefully defining the target audience(s), we analyze the media budget and the advertising tactics to achieve the best results. In the end, we present the marketing automation and inbound marketing tactics to be followed alongside the previous steps.

The digital strategy is the map towards your brand’s success. Are you ready to follow it?