The Art of Prompting: Mastering Generative AI for Everyday Use

If you’ve ever wondered how to interact with a generative AI to get the most out of it, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re a professional, a business owner, or just intrigued by AI, understanding prompting can revolutionize the way you integrate artificial intelligence into your daily life. So, what is Prompting? Prompting is the process of giving specific …

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TheFutureCats, for the second year in the business mentors of Agrifood Exports 360°

Babis Chatzakos, Digital Marketing Strategist and Managing Director of TheFutureCats Innovation Consultancy, participated as a digital marketing trainer and as a business mentor in the “Agrifood Exports 360°”, the first specialized and certified training program for Agrifood Exports of the New Agriculture New Generation. The program was attended by distinguished presenters, business executives, and academics from Greece and Rutgers University …

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Navigating the AI-Driven Future: Redefining Project Management Beyond Automation, Augmentation and Innovation

Dimitris Dimitriadis, Futurist and CIO at TheFutureCats Innovation Consultancy, together with Dimosthenis Spyridis, Web3 Strategist at TheFutureCats, spoke at the 19th Project Management Conference, hosted at OTEAcademy. Held on May 15-16, this year’s conference centered around the theme “Riding the Wave of AI.” The focus was on the transformative changes and improvements that artificial intelligence is bringing to project management. …

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TheFutureCats Innovation Consultancy at the 19th Project Management Conference!

Dimitris Dimitriadis, Futurist and CIO at TheFutureCats Innovation Consultancy, together with Dimosthenis Spyridis, Web3 Strategist at TheFutureCats, spoke at the 19th Project Management Conference at OTE Academy. The conference took place on May 15-16. This year’s theme was “Riding the Wave of AI”, which focused on the upcoming changes and improvements artificial intelligence brings. Discussions addressed questions about AI tools …

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What is Prompt Engineering?

Imagine you’re building a model airplane. You could use pre-made parts and follow a standard blueprint to put it together, and you’ll likely end up with a decent model. But if you take the time to select high-quality materials, carefully craft each component, and tweak the design to enhance performance, your model airplane will fly higher, faster, and smoother. Similarly, …

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Tokenization: The key to the future of finance

Welcome to the fascinating world of tokenization! As part of our ongoing exploration of innovative digital trends, we look at an exciting development in the Web3 space: tokenization. This revolutionary concept promises to reshape not only the financial landscape but numerous other sectors, making it an essential topic for forward-thinking businesses and individuals. What is tokenization? Let’s start with the …

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Navigating the new era: how tokenization is reshaping finance

Welcome to the innovative world of finance, where traditional methods are being transformed by the power of tokenization. Today we want to find out why tokenization isn’t just a buzzword, but is fundamentally changing the financial sector. Tokenization: A brief overview Tokenization is the conversion of rights to an asset into a digital token on a blockchain. It is a …

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Tokenization: Simplifying finance in the digital age

Enter the new era of finance, where ‘tokenization’ is changing the landscape! At, we demystify complex financial concepts like tokenization and make them accessible for everyone. What is tokenization? Imagine owning a small part of a famous painting or a luxury property – all through your smartphone. That’s the power of tokenization. It’s about turning physical assets into digital …

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